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Specific achievements

  1. The consolidated Honorarium for Anganwadi Workers grade- I has been   increased and a proportional increase is given for grade – II Anganwadi helpers including Government Pension benefits now available.
  2. Greater acceptance of young children’s rights in all stakeholders.
  3. Government of Tamil Nadu accepted Pre-school Curriculum formulated by TN-FORCES.
  4. Unorganised Welfare Board will start Crèche Centre in 8 cities in Tamil Nadu.
  5. Maternity Assistance for the unorganised workers raised from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000.
  6. TN-FORCES since the year 2000 has been involved in the Campaign to increase the Grant to the National Crèche Scheme for Working and Ailing Mothers.

As for achievements it is difficult to summarize, however towards the overall improvements in the ICDS Centres and Crèches the contribution is perceptibly seen whether it is increase in allocation for nutrition, improved infrastructure, pay and perks for Workers, community participation, change in the mindset of politicians and Government officials and contribution from networking NGOs.

The Joint Conveners’ meetings, Core Committee Meetings and General Body Meetings were held regularly and a monitoring system established in a Networking System which does not follow rigid rules and regulations, the responsibility of the Convener organization is rotated and a new convener organization takes charge.

The funding organization- Bernard van Leer Foundation has supported the efforts financially and it is to be appreciated. Loyola College and specially the Department of Social Work has given excellent Institutional support to the Convener and this has resulted in the success of the activities of TN-FORCES.

Award for Exemplary Service in tsunami affected districts

TN-FORCES’ work in tsunami affected areas received much appreciation from Government officials, Government and the general public. Reports of work done were published in newspapers. The Bahai spiritual Assembly “Rolling rose of Rid van Shield of Service” was awarded to TN-FORCES Convener Dr. Shanmugavelayutham by Dr. M Rajaram IAS, Director of Rural Development. On 6 th October 2005, Centre for Health Education and Development and Trust for the Welfare of he Aged presented ‘Social Health Educationist Award to Dr. K Shanmugavelayutham for work in the tsunami affected areas.


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