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In the networking process, an important strategy adopted by TN-FORCES was building up of an effective partnership among the member organisations. For a team to take shape, grow and develop, the members should have clarity of purpose, identification with the cause and collective approach to address the issues. While TN-FORCES has been advocating the cause of the children and Early Childhood Care and Development, it has consciously worked to build up alliances with other like-minded organisations, operating in the State, described below:

1.Campaign against Child Labour (CACL), Tamil Nadu in their pre-election appeal to the political parties to include in their election manifestoes the issues pertaining to the children below 6 years, like pre-school education, crèches for children of women in the unorganised labour sector, Right to Education.

2.Unorganised Workers Federation : On the issue of crèches for the unorganized Workers, TN-FORCES has been actively aligned with the UWF. UWF is a platform of independent unions of the Unorganised Sector as well as individuals concerned with the rights and welfare of Unorganised Workers. Various trade unions representing the unorganized sectors such as construction, agriculture, fishing, weaving and pottery are members of UWF.

3. Association for Early Childhood Education and Development is the professional Organisation for the Pre-School Educators. For the preparation of an activity based developmentally appropriate curriculum in Tamil for pre-school children, the expertise of AECED  was sought.

4. The Professional Social Workers' Association (PSWA) is an association of Tamil Nadu Social work professionals, headquartered at Chennai. It is a legally registered entity, formerly known as "Professional Social Workers' Forum" (PSWF).The  Association is functioning since 1985. They are also organizing an annual state level seminar pertaining to current social work challenges and practices.

5. JSA - Jan Swasthya Abhiyan : People’s Health Movement in Tamil Nadu:   The Jan Swasthya Abhiyan in Tamil Nadu  is the State chapter  of the People’s Health Movement, a growing coalition of people’s organisations, civil society organisations, NGOs, social activists, health professionals, academics and  researchers that endorse the Indian People's health Charterand the People's Charter for Health – consensus documents that arose out of the Jan Swasthya Sabha (National Health Assembly) and the  People’s Health Assembly held in December 2000 when concerned networks, organisations  and individuals met to discuss the Health for All Challenge.

6. Right to Food Campaign : The "Right to Food Campaign" is an informal network of organisations and individuals committed to the realisation of the right to food in India. RTF consider that everyone has a fundamental right to be free from hunger. TN-FORCES is working with RTF Campaign.

7. Sirappu Porulaadhara Mandalam Edirippu Iyaikam (SPMEI), Tamil Nadu –Movement against SEZs in Tamil Nadu. TN-FORCES is participated in Public Hearing and National People’s Audit.



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