C/O Foundation for the Rights of Young Child,
3, Ayyavu Street,
Ayyavu Colony
Chennai - 600 029, Phone: 91-44-2363 1126

TN-FORCES (Tamil Nadu Forum for Crèche and Childcare Services) is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious Network of Organization established to Advocate the cause of the young child belonging to the poorest sections of society. Its membership includes NGOs, Child Welfare and Educational Institutions, Women’s Organizations, Trade Unions, Professional Associations and Academic and Research Institutions. This was formed on the lines of National FORCES, a Network of NGOs established in all States in India. There are 132 member organizations under the Network of TN-FORCES M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation (Project ACCESS) took efforts to form on the 2nd of January 1992 the Tamil Nadu Chapter of FORCES with the nomenclature: TN-FORCES. By the end of 1996 Project ACCESS had completed five years and being a network organization, the baton of Convener had to be passed on to a new organization. Several organizations were approached and finally “Department of Social Work, Loyola College “accepted. For about a year, both old and incumbent worked together and Department of Social Work, Loyola College took complete charge by 1997

Loyola College has completed 10 years of its Convenership. The Convenorship was again transfered In 2006 to ‘Foundation for Rights of Young Child’
Every child in Tamil Nadu is ensured of best quality child care service.
Ensure the rights of children through advocacy and campaigns to support childcare services financial and material resources participation and state accountability to support quality Child Care Services.