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Capacity Building


Training programme on National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,2005:  Training on National Rural Employment Gurantee Act, 2005 was conducted at Tiruchirapalli on 16th March, 2008. The aim of the training programme was to create awareness about the importance of the Scheme. The resource persons were Dr. K.Shanmugavelayutham and Mr. V. Maheswaran of Unorganized Workers Federation.


OMEIAT Training programme for Primary School Teachers: Organization of Muslim Educational Institutions and Association of Tamil Nadu (OMEIAT) wanted to improve the quality of Educational Services in their management Schools. They approached the TN-FORCES for help. As part of enhancing quality, they organized 15 days in service training programme for the teachers. This would be conducted for15 weeks. The content of the training was Activity based learning. TN-FORCES professional team and  teachers participated.  


The tsunami which occurred on the 24th of December 2004 after an earthquake with focal depth of just 10 KMs, offshore the Aceh Island of Sumatra caused a rupture followed by a vertical displacement of 15 m of the ocean floor. The waves reached Indian shores within hours and caused immense misery and loss of life. People living along the coastline lost all their possessions. About 1-lakh, families displaced from their homes took shelter in Temporary Relief Camps. Among the States affected in India Tamil Nadu was the worst affected. Among those who have been affected, 50% are children and among them 20% were young children (0-6 years old). In Nagapattinam district, total loss of lives was 6023. Among these, 1755 were children. TN-FORCES through its networking partners swung into action and the following activities were taken up
    1. Relief materials such as food, clothes, medicine, blankets, medicine, fruits, rice etc were distributed in Chennai, Cuddllore, Kancheepuram and Nagapattinam districts.
    2. Quick assessment was conducted and report submitted to the Chief Minister and Relief and Mitigation Commissioner
    3. Memorandum to the Chief Minister that requested for:
      1. initiation of ICDS centres in the affected areas to cater to the needs of children
      2. children in these camps may be involved in creative activities
      3. A special enumeration of pregnant women, Lactating mothers and young children in tsunami areas be taken up
      4. Special Relief Packages may be given to these affected sections
      5. Philanthropists be persuaded to adopt ICDS centres and obtain assistance for rebuilding them
      6. Immediate needs of these affected children such as vaccinations and health checkup be undertaken.
      7. Special Relief Packages be given for disabled children
    1. Students of the Department of Social Work, Loyola College, wanted to actively participate in tsunami relief activities and a 2-day training programme for 100 volunteers was given by TN-FORCES. The volunteers then proceeded to the tsunami affected areas and attended especially to ICDS Centres.
    2. Psychosocial counseling was given to parents of children and children were engaged in playing with toys.
    3. Distribution of tsunami relief materials and refresher Training Workshop for Anganwadi Workers in Villupuram district.
    4. On 17th January 2005 a programme for relief materials distribution was organized at Kanyakumari district in which the District Collector and the District Project Officer- ICDS, participated.
    5. On the 11th of March 2005, relief materials distribution and Refresher Course to the affected Anganwadi Workers took place at Mamallapuram of Kancheepuram district.
    6. A Tsunami Relief Distribution Programme was organized in Cuddalore district at Fishermen Community Hall in Devanampattinam on the 10th of June 2005. District Collector and Project Officer ICDS participated in the programme.
    7. An evaluation of tsunami relief activities was carried out by Loyola College under the leadership of TN-FORCES.  The main observations were:
      1. Children responded well to the intervention by students
      2. Balwadis are facing several shortcomings such as scarcity of space, lack proper doors and ventilation.
      3. Relief materials especially play materials helped to bring about rapport with children
      4. Photo documentation was carried out
      5. 0-6 age group children require greater focus and attention

Panchyat Sensitization


The Panchayat is one of the major stakeholders in the ICDS programme.  The involvement of the Panchayat in the Anganwadi is very much necessary to ensure the proper functioning and development of Anganwadis.  Various studies conducted by TN FORCES have supported the contention that participation of Panchayats has increased the quality of the Anganwadis.  With such firm conviction in the role of the Panchayat in the development of Anganwadis, TN FORCES has been involved in a major programme of sensitizing the Panchayats regarding role of Panchayats in ensuring Rights of Children in the Anganwadis.   Workshops for Panchayat Presidents have been conducted in 18 Districts in Tamil Nadu. More than 2000 Panchayat Presidents have been sensitized to Child rights issues.


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